Nuova IMPALA Tannery was estabilished in Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa) in 1958 under the name of IMPALA tannery...

...with handicraft production and family management, under the guide of the Caponi brothers and Mr. Vannucci who,for a natural alternation, have been subsequently and gradually replaced by their respective sons. NUOVA IMPALA Tannery constantly brings his own plants up to date and train its staff so as to conform to the market conditions, and has thus been able in a short time to become known and highly valued on domestic and international markets. Our production, in fact, is appreciated on the Italian market, and is exported all over the world, since our sales organization is very active in the Far East, in the United States and, of course, in Europe.
Great attention is devoted to the quality of the skins used for the production, to the chemical products, and to the staff training, which has reached in these years high professionality and competence levels. The contstant care, attention and real passion we put in the processing bring our tannery to the present levels of techical-organizative reliability and qualitative excellence. A young, competent, dynamic management, a modern and efficient production line, associated to a reliable and careful sales organization and continue presence at Italian and foreign leather exhibitions, are the caratheristic of our tannery, which proposes itself and is officially recognized as one of most active on the leather market.

  Professional competence

The standards we have reached in the level of technical and organization reliability and in the high quality of our production are the final result of the attention, passion and care we have placed in our more lhan fifty years long experience. Innovation, craft know-how and the research of excellence arc the three main points which led our company to establish itself as one of the most sought after realities in the S.Croce sull' Arno tannery district.

  The quality of our materials

Nuova Impala produces half calves and culatte mainly intended for the production of footwear and leather goods. Our company develops and offers to its customers a wide range of articles and processings, taking care of every single detail. Besides well-known articles such as Dollaro, B95 and the great variety of smooth or printed soft leathers (nappe ?) we developed new articles such as FLOAT and MIRROR, which have been much appreciated by the international great fashion designers supplied by our company.


Our tannery produces respecting tradition but is also looking for innovation so as to meet the requirements of a leather market which is continuously developing. A department in our tannery is entirely dedicated to research and development and the quality level of our products is tested by our internal laboratory.


Nuova Impala was established in Santa Crocc sull'Arno (Pisa) in 1958 under the management of the Caponi brothers and Mr. Vannucci. Now the company is led by Mr. Caponi's and Mr Vannucci's sons and grandsons in a steady family management.
Our company, being able to guaratee real Made in Italy products, has established long lasting relationships with well-known national and international great fashion designers.