1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stores on your computer (or mobile device). They are widely used to make web sites work or work better and more efficiently. They are able to do this because the web sites can read and wrote on these files to enable them to recognize you and to remember important information that can allow you to use the website more easily and conveniently.

2. Which cookies do we use?

Follow you can find different types of cookies that we use or we could use on the web site.

2.1 Essential cookies

These are the essential cookies that allow you to browse the website and to use all functions. Without these essential cookies we would not be able to provide you some services or functions and the browsing on the website would not be easy as it should be.

2.2 Performance cookies

The performance cookies, also called analytics cookies, collect all information about your use of the website and allow us to improve its functioning. For example the performance cookies show us which are the pages mostly frequented, allow us to verify which are the recurring patterns of use of the website, and help us to know all difficulties that you meet on the website.

2.3 Functionality cookies

Sometimes we could use functionality cookies. These cookies allow us to remember the choices that you make on the website and/or services that you expressly request with the aim of providing you more modern and personalized services, like personalizing a page or remembering if we asked you to join a promotion.

2.4 Targeting or advertising cookies

Our services suppliers and us could use targeting or advertising cookies to publish advertisement that we believe could be interesting for you. For example we can use this type of cookies to limit the number of times you watch an advertisement on the website and help us measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns. These cookies remember what you saw. We can share these information with other parties, for example, advertisers.

For further information about targeting and advertising cookies and about the cancellation method, you can visit these websites: http://www.youronlinechoices.com/uk/your-ad-choices and http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookis/index.html.

3. How does third parties use these cookies on the website?

Sometimes we can work with third parties to provide services on the website. Advertisers and other parties could use their cookies to collect information of your activities on the website and/or on advertisement which you clicked on.

These information could be used by them for their own advertisement aims that they believe it could be more interesting for you because based on already visited contents. Advertisers could use these information to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements.

4. How do I control these cookies?

You can refuse to accept these cookies on this website every time you want by selecting, on your browser, the settings that allow you to refuse. Further information about the procedure to disable cookies can be found on the website of your browser supplier or through the available “help” space on the browser guide.

You can refer to this page http://www.allaboutcookies.org/managecookies/index.html for further information about the most common browser. Remember that, if you disable cookies, not all the functions of the website could be available.

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